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LR4A Professional Three-Light KIT Deluxe



This top-of-the-line analog lighting kit includes three LR4A lights with 10' Air Cushioned Stands and a powerful selection of light modifying accessories that provide you with all the creative muscle you need to create stunning portraits. The analog controls make these flashes easy-to-use: varying the output power is as simple as turning a dial up or down. Features of the LR4A flashes include 400 Ws power, a 4.5 f-stop range, auto dump, and a proportional option for the modeling light. Each CSA certified LR4A is designed with a die cast aluminum body, a steel ball bearing cooling fan, built in photo slave, and a screw-in clear protective pyrex cover. Each LR4A includes a sync cord and a bright 300 watt modeling lamp.

This kit includes the largest selection of light modifying accessories: a Standard 6.58" Flash Reflector Hood, 38" Translucent Umbrella, Barn Doors, 20° Honeycomb Grid, 7 Color Filter Set, 24"x34" and 36"x48" Softboxes with Speed Rings and corresponding 40° and 50° Lighttools Soft Egg Crates. The inclusion of two Soft Egg Crate models in this kit provide greater soft light control and allow you to further extend your creative lighting vision. The dedicated 16 channel 2.4 GHZ LR Flash Trigger System enables wireless triggering of your flashes.


All Lightrein lighting equipment and accessories (excluding consumables) are protected against manufacturer or material defect under normal use for 1 year from date of purchase.


*For kit substitutions please contact Lightrein directly.


Professional Three-Light Portrait Kit

SKU# Description
3 LR4A-RS1 Lightrein 400Ws Flash with 3 yr warranty
3 LRS7-120 10' Air Cushioned Light Stand
1 NVRR-685 Lightrein 24''x34''/60x85cm Softbox
1 NVB0-912 Lightrein 36''x48''/90x120cm Softbox
1 1400-610-040 40° Lighttools Soft Egg Crate to fit Lightrein 24"x34"/60x85cm Softbox
1 1435-617-050 50° Lighttools Soft Egg Crate to fit Lightrein 36"x48" / 90x120cm Softbox
2 ASA1-001 Lightrein speed ring
1 RF50-03B Standard Ø 6.58'' Flash Reflector Hood
1 LR38-B_W Ø 38'' Black/White Umbrella
1 AC80-11F 7 Color Filter Set
1 RB40-01B Barn Doors
1 LRHC-020 20° Honeycomb Grid
1 RREC-002 LR Flash Trigger Receiver (dedicated)
1 RTRA-001 LR Flash Trigger Transmitter (dedicated)

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