600 Ws digital battery lighting system



The LR6 BAT is a digital battery lighting system with many professional features. The new Lithium-ion battery lets you take the flash anywhere and will give you 400 flashes at full power per charge. Along with optimized colour balance, the LR6 BAT has HSS (high speed sync) up to 1/8000th of a second allowing you to balance the flash with daylight. Another feature is the ability to fire 5, 10 or 15 multiple flashes in one exposure. To freeze the action the LR6 BAT has a duration mode to shoot with a flash duration time up to 1/12800th of a second .

LR06-BAT Tutorial

Lightrein LR06-BAT Battery powered strobe Manual (pdf Form)

LR06 Specifications
Flash Maximum Power 600 Ws
Power range(Ws) 4.7 ∼600
Variable Range F-stop Range 7 F-Stop
Flash power Increments 0.1 (1/10) f-stop
Recycling time, max (/sec) 0.1∼3.9 s
Flash duration (t0.5) @min : max (Duration Mode) 1/12800s ∼ 1/500s
Flash duration (t0.5) @min : max (Normal Mode) 1/12800s ∼ 1/350s
Color temperature(+/-200) in F-stop mode 5600(+/-200)=Normal Mode
Control mode T-Mode(Duration Mode), F-Mode(Normal Mode)
Modeling lamp LED 5W
Modeling lamp control Free Mode (Digital Dial System)
Sync voltage 10V(+/- IV)
Adjustment of flash power Digital Dial System
Battery (Li-ion) Exchangeable Lithium-ion batter 11.1V 8.8A
Battery efficiency Up to 400 full power flashes
Expandable flashing of times Up to 600 full power flashes
Battery life 350 charge cycles
Weight (kg) 3.3Kg/7.2 lbs
H x W x L 120x118x345 mm/ 4.7"x4.6"x13.5"
Over heat temperature (stopped system & beep) 80° C Heat shield
Charger / recharging time 4.7 hours
Battery status indicator 4 LEDs

Type: Unknown Type

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